This is the 1913 Map showing how the  rapid transit lines will look after completion in accordance with the Dual Contracts. Note two unfinished BMT lines that were proposed in the contracts but never finalized: The BMT Crosstown Elevated, which was later built as today’s “G” line Subway (although not exactly along the same route). Also note that the Flushing line was not supposed to terminate at Main Street but was supposed to continue to the East.
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Before the BMT

Brooklyn Rapid Transit System Before the Dual Contracts

Service Guides

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Contract Drawings

Contract Drawings for the Astoria Line

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Contract Drawings for the Jamaica Line

Contract Drawings for Stillwell Ave – Coney Island

Line Drawings

Single line Drawings of the Astoria and Flushing lines

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Track Maps

1930’s BMT Southern Division Track Map

1964-1966 Broadway BMT (Manhattan) Track and Signal Maps

1965 Nassau Loop Tracks and Signals

1965 Broadway (Brooklyn) Line

1965 14th Street – Canarsie Track and Signal Maps

1965 Myrtle Avenue Elevated

1965 Franklin Ave Line (shuttle) and Signals

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