Welcome to the unofficial web site of the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation (B.M.T.). Incorporated in 1923 as a re-organization of the then bankrupt Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company, the B.M.T. emerged to operate the most colorful, innovative, progressive, and profitable subway line in New York City. Private enterprise once had a successful and significant role in operating transit systems until it was stifled by government for political reasons. Read about the company’s brief but colorful history on this site and look at the documents. Then judge for yourselves – are we better off under government operation of our transit system?

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Selections from the BMT and BRT Monthlies
The BRT / BMT Monthly was the employee newspaper published by the company. Some of the pages are dedicated to company business or information on developments on the line but there are also pages that give insight into the lives of the employees. Definitely a must read.

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Our Map Page has been updated – scroll to the bottom for Track Maps of the BMT system from the 1930’s through the 1960’s BEFORE the 1967 Merger with the IND

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What Might Have been

In the 1930’s the B.M.T. Corporation unveiled three subway cars that were far superior to anything the city had or would even come close to developing. Read two of the brochures here:

BMT Green Hornet This car had chimes when the doors closed FORTY years before the MTA re-discovered them.

BMT Bluebird
With mirrors, mohair upholstered seats and rubber springs, read about the car the New York Times said “will make each trip to work a delightful adventure, each evening’s homeward journey a period of happy relaxation”

Read The Truth about the situation that led to government ownership of transit:

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